Price Upgrade String Studio V2 To String Studio V3

If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading to the latest version of the String Studio, consider this 75% discount! Plus, you’ll get a new interface, timbres, and improved sound browser! Read on to discover the reasons why this upgrade is so worth it! And don’t forget to read the reviews from previous owners! They’ll give you some helpful tips for saving money on this upgrade!

75% discount

If you have already purchased String Studio VS-2, you can now upgrade for seventy-five percent off the regular price. The upgrade will cost 120 USD. It includes future upgrades and updates, but owners of previous versions will be able to keep using the version they currently have. However, you should note that version 2.0 will no longer receive updates after the upgrade. The only exception to this rule is if you want to make a complete backup of your installation.

The VS-3 comes with over 800 presets and is compatible with the Scala scale file format. The software offers unity-gain effects, improved dynamics, and compelling per-sound MIDI control. VS-3 also comes with four signature sound packs by Richard Devine, Christian Laffitte, Thiago Pinheiro, and Daniel Stawczyk. All of the signature sound packs have been developed by top-notch musicians and artists to ensure that you can find the perfect combination for any type of music.

New interface

The new String Studio VS features a streamlined interface with a rotary knob for overall Rate and synchronised options that are tied to the internal clock. The Tempo parameter can be typed or tapped in, and the new VS module also features a rate knob that automatically adjusts when the tempo changes. The VS module also offers an array of other useful controls, including a MIDI control panel for the timbre and pitch parameters.

The UI is reminiscent of an audio mixer. There are several controls, including the resonant low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass filters. The Type drop-down menu allows you to select the type of filter you need. The order of the filter is customizable, with settings such as -12 dB/oct for low-pass and -6 dB/oct for high-pass. There’s also a recorder module available, allowing you to save your output as WAV or AIFF.

New timbres

The new features in String Studio 5.0 introduce two-voice multitimbral capabilities, enabling you to mix, stack, and split independent timbres. You can also assign real-time morphing assignments. Moreover, a revised factory library offers enhanced dynamics, consistent gain-stage, and unity-gain effects. You can also apply microtonal tunings. And with its intuitive user interface, String Studio is a breeze to use.

The string studio VS-3 offers more than 1200 presets and 22 contributors covering 22 sound categories. These instruments include bows, hammers, and picks, which create performance-friendly and texture-rich sounds. The software also provides studio-quality effects, including reverb, delay, and reverb. The D# A B chord is a number from numerology, and its melodic content is inspired by fibonacci sequences.

Improved sound browser

The improved sound browser in String Studio VS 2.0 lets you browse through your library of sound effects. You can also adjust the overall Rate by using a rotary knob. Other controls such as Tempo can be typed or tapped. There is also an External option that lets you lock the tempo of the host application. You can also adjust the volume of your sound sources with the included audio meters. However, this software does not offer a multitrack recorder.

The new version has a sound library with over 600 production-ready sounds, including 50 signature presets from producer Sean Divine. It also has an output limiter to ensure maximum dynamics without distortion. Unlike its predecessor, the new version also features a sound browser with new tabs and a more intuitive layout. Compared to previous versions, the sound browser now shows the instruments in alphabetical order. There are also more categories to browse by instrument type and key.

Performance-friendly sounds

With the new String Studio v3, composers and musicians can easily create musical performances. Its streamlined workflow and improved sound library make it easy to explore thousands of presets. A factory library with 600 production-ready sounds has been added, including 50 signature presets from producer Sean Divine. The factory library has been enhanced with a compressor and equalizer to add punch and definition to the sound. Performance-friendly sounds are also available for composers and musicians to create stunning soundscapes.

The new String Studio features virtual finger-picking positions, easy expression changes and bowed swells. Its Ensemble module lets you load and unload sections of instruments. This feature is particularly useful for string musicians who often use different strings. Moreover, it lets you adjust the dynamics of your sounds by allowing you to make subtle changes in the articulation of individual strings. Besides, you can also adjust the decay time and the high-cut and low-cut knobs.

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