Funny Fantasy Football Names

Funny Fantasy Football Names

The following are some suggestions for funny fantasy football team names. Innuendos, ideally with an appropriate amount of sexual connotation, are great choices. Taking after a favorite player is another good option. Then, there are puns, like Lewis Dunk. And if you’re feeling particularly witty, try taking after a famous player. In the end, the names you come up with will be a lot of fun for you and your fellow fantasy football players.

Innuendos with an appropriate amount of sexual connotation

If you’re looking for a name with appropriate amounts of sexual connotation, look no further than the cartoons of Ren & Stimpy and Rocko’s Modern Life. Ren & Stimpy have a history of violence, and one episode had Stimpy locked in a closet with Sven, shouting, “I’m a sword swallower!” Rocko’s Modern Life featured inappropriate moments and strange sounds behind closed doors. The character also found employment as a telephone sex operator.


There are many different types of puns to use when naming your fantasy football team. Some are funny, while others are classic and timeless. For instance, a West Ham winger named Declan Rice may be a pun on the Vanilla Ice song. Chelsea fans, on the other hand, have chosen candy-inspired team names for their German attacking midfielder. Regardless of the type of pun used, you should be sure to have fun with it.

RG3 puns

When choosing a fantasy football team name, remember that your name does not have to be like The Green Bay Packers. “The” is an old cliché and the Packers are not the only team to have one. There are plenty of other good choices, too. But one rule of thumb when picking a team name is to avoid first names. It’s just too easy to accidentally select a team name that is based on the first name of a player.

League of ordinary gentlemen

You might not want to choose a name like “Legion of Ordinary Gentlemen” for your fantasy football team, but this name is appropriate in most circumstances. This name is a sign of modesty, and it also shows your love of sports. Think of the movie “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” or search for it on YouTube or Reddit. If you do decide to go with an unusual name, consider a different genre, such as golf.

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