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San Jose, California – The Third Largest City in California

Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second most populous city in the nation. There are three cities in California with more than 500,000 residents each, including San Francisco, which will be the third largest city in the state by 2022. The second largest city in California is San Diego, which is the eighth most populous city in the nation. San Jose, the third largest city in California, will be the tenth largest by 2022, surpassing Long Beach in that ranking. The state of California is home to several tech companies, so it is no wonder that the population of San Jose is growing so rapidly.

California City is the 12th most populous city in the state, and it borders the Tehachapi Mountains to the north. It is located approximately 120 miles from Los Angeles and 180 miles from the Nevada state line. This location provides easy access to Southern California’s top attractions. Highway 395 and Highway 58 pass through the city’s limits, making it an ideal place to live or commute to work. The state’s major roads link San Jose to the rest of California.

The city has a unique blend of old and new. The early Victorian homes of the city are reminiscent of London Row and have merged together to form a spectacular skyline. Visitors can enjoy the many parks that lead to the water, such as Golden Gate Park, and take in the view of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. You can also find several restaurants and bars within walking distance of the waterfront. The quieter parts of the city are also close to nearby parks.

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