Cities With The Highest Crime Rate

Cities With the Highest Crime Rates

In this article, we’ll look at the cities with the highest crime rates. These data come from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Local Crime Statistics. While the data from cities under 10,000 people is often inaccurate, you can still get an idea of the general level of violence in the U.S. By dividing these data by population, we can see which cities have the highest crime rate. Also, we’ll look at the cities with the lowest crime rate.

The highest rates are usually found in major cities. Some cities rank highly for multiple types of crimes. For example, Memphis, Tennessee, has the highest rate of rape and motor vehicle theft, while Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Denver have the highest rates of robbery and aggravated assault among large cities. These aren’t the only cities with high crime rates. There are some cities in this list that have lower crime rates than others, including Baltimore, Houston, and New Orleans.

The highest rates are found in major cities with populations of 500,000 or more. While most cities experience slightly higher rates of property crime than others, many cities have double-digit increases of violent crime. This is primarily due to factors such as bad housing conditions, large families with low incomes, and troubled parents. While the rate of crime is generally higher in large cities, it is still better than the average city in terms of safety and crime. For example, most of the largest U.S. cities have a higher violent crime rate than the national average. However, only a few cities consistently have above-average rates for all types of crime.

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